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Types of Pools
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Custom Designed Pools & Spas

Deciding on a design for your outdoor vision can seem daunting. Many view it as complicated with lots of unknowns and you may not feel qualified for it. Do not be overwhelmed! All of our pools are custom designed, and we can take you through the process with us. We also have a gallery of work we’ve done that you can browse. Here is a brief overview of some of the different types of spaces you can enjoy.

Custom Designed Pools
Custom Designed Pools

Above ground pools – Above ground means it is built above the surface of the yard so it is probably set in a deck of some kind. This option is often the most affordable with the least amount of renovation or construction work as they can just be assembled in the available space.

In ground pools – these projects are built into the landscape of your yard. The variety of design is limited mostly by your budget and the size of the land we’re building on. We can build down deep, build up for additions, and customize it however you want.

There are other types of pools that serve various purposes, such as fitness and health or aesthetic needs. These types can include infinity pools or lap and spa pools. Additions include hot tubs and spas. They can complement your pool with added relaxation and health benefits.

Most pools fall broadly into two categories: Classic and lagoon.

A classic pool features an architecturally modern style and design. They are sleek with linear and clean edges. They feature more modern style water features as well.

A lagoon pool is meant to emulate a natural body of water, hence the name. No linear edges but sides that curve and bend like natural pools. Usually flagstone is used as the coping and your pool has moss rock water features.

Both types typically include popular features such as tanning ledges, entry steps, bubblers, jump ledges, and benches. The materials will also vary depending on your specific vision for the pool.